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The best interstate removalist provide a range of services. Some specialize in transporting specific items like antiques or pool tables while others handle both domestic and interstate moves. Their knowledge of packing and loading techniques ensures minimal time and space taken up in their truck; familiarity with various routes also guarantees an effortless journey.

Professional moving services will also have you covered when it comes to more complex aspects of moving, like disassembling and reassembling larger furniture pieces for safer transport. In addition, they may even offer storage solutions between your move-out and move-in dates.

Moving companies usually charge either hourly or flat rates depending on your moving needs. When handling long distance moves outside of Adelaide, their expenses increase to cover additional expenses such as gas mileage tolls lodging or food for drivers and movers.

Comparing quotes from multiple movers SA is key for getting an accurate estimate, as well as to finding one with no hidden surprises or additional considerations like stairs or large furniture that will result in additional charges. Be sure that these estimates are based on in-home surveys or comprehensive inventories of your belongings versus just guesses over the phone. A reliable mover will be able to give an estimate that accurately accounts for volume and special considerations such as stairs.

Be sure to verify if your removalist is accredited with AFRA in Adelaide, which means they adhere to a code of conduct and possess public liability insurance in case something goes awry during your move. Also look out for whether they provide comprehensive transit and storage insurance that covers losses or damages in case of accidents.

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