The History and Style of Women’s High Heels

From the red sole of Louboutin to the low-heeled versions of today, there’s a rich history and style behind women’s high heels.

WildfireShoes womens high heels have been worn by women worldwide since the early 1600s. From the tallest stilettos to comfortable kitten heels, this fashionable trend has evolved over centuries of cultural trends, shapes and heights.

Whether it be for a special occasion or just because, high heels give any woman a certain level of elegance, grace and confidence with every step, but what exactly is the history behind this powerful fashion statement?

High Heels in Early Years

The earliest known pair of high heels created was found in Italy, dating back to 1645. They were made from either leather or cork and had a thick sole curved upwards at the toes. This design slowly caught on among the European elite class, who wanted to make themselves taller and look more important than other people.

At first, shoes with high heels were mostly seen on men, but eventually, they became a part of women’s fashion. During the 1600s and 1700s, as fashion changed, so did the designs used for high-heeled shoes, ranging from buckles and laces to straps around the ankle or calf.

The Evolution of High Heels

In Victorian England (1837-1901), an unspoken rule said how tall your heel should be according to your social rank or economic status. The taller your heel was, the higher it showed you were on this scale — thus began an era when heel height became associated with social hierarchy within society.

As decades passed, different materials started being used for high-heeled shoes, such as satin, silk, velvet and even linen! We also started seeing new shapes, such as squares and pointed toes emerge as popular choices for fashionable women throughout Europe during this period.

By 1910 we started seeing shorter heels becoming more commonplace due to their functionality compared to higher ones which could be quite uncomfortable if worn too long. It wasn’t until post-war in 1947 that Christian Dior introduced “the New Look” – this turned into a worldwide revolution where high heeled shoes would become longer again to emphasize femininity through elegant, feminine silhouettes!

Until now, different styles have been produced, including platforms, stilettos and wedges, each with charm and appeal depending on its purpose or who wears them!

Why Women Love Wearing High Heels

Women have been wearing WildfireShoes womens high heels for centuries now, and this fashion trend doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. There are many reasons why women love wearing these stylish shoes:

Firstly, they can give a woman confidence when stepping out in a pair of beautiful high heels. Not only do they make her look taller, but they are also more elegant and sophisticated!

Moreover, high-heeled shoes can instantly upgrade any outfit, giving it extra glamour. It is especially true for weddings or special events where the dress code calls for something more formal than everyday wear.

Final Thoughts

Women’s high heels may have undergone several changes throughout history, but one thing is certain – these stylish pieces will always remain timelessly glamorous for creating a special outfit! Whether for business purposes or just fun nights out – these amazing shoes add personality, allure and sophistication wherever they go, ensuring you always put your best foot forward!