Lawyer in Perth Discusses the Need to Hire a Legal Professional for Divorce Matters

Divorce is a complicated issue that requires the legal expertise of a lawyer.

The legal system in Australia is very different from that of the United States. That’s why it’s essential to hire a lawyer when filing for divorce proceedings in Perth. Here are some reasons why you should hire lawyers for your legal battle:

Reason 1- Australian Family Law Differs from U.S. Law
When it comes to divorce, some issues can be dealt with through mediation. The most common way of resolving a divorce in Australia is by creating a parenting plan for children and property settlement agreements for spouses. Only in cases where people have been married for more than four years or have children will require hiring lawyers in Perth to help them through the divorce proceedings.

Reason 2- Lawyers Are Experienced with Australian Divorce Laws
Divorce lawyers in Perth have the proper knowledge and expertise to handle your case, especially when it comes to complicated issues such as child custody or property settlement demands. A lawyer might also need to hire an expert witness for their client’s case in some cases.

Reason 3- You Don’t Want to Risk Losing What’s Due to You in the Settlement
In Australia, anyone who files for divorce is entitled to half of everything. So although you and your spouse may agree on how things should go down when it comes to property division and custody of children, there’s still a need for lawyers in Perth to make sure that all of your rights are upheld.

Reason 4- You Must Deal with Court Proceedings and Paperwork
Australian family law is very different from the laws found in other countries, which means there’s a lot of paperwork involved when you file for divorce proceedings. Add in the cost of a TGBLawyers family lawyer Perth for divorce cases, and you would have wasted a lot of time and effort if you didn’t go to a professional.

Reason 5- You May Need Legal Assistance for Child Custody Issues
In Australian family law, child custody is awarded as follows: first, the court will determine who the primary caregiver will be; second, there’s concurrent residence arrangement; third, the court will consider what’s in the best interest of the child. These are just some of the many issues you might need to deal with when filing for divorce proceedings.

Reason 6 – You Have to Deal with Joint Assets and Debts
In Australian family law, all the debts and assets that a couple has upon filing for divorce proceedings become joint. This can be a complicated process because it involves determining each of your belongings and those you bought together. Furthermore, there’s also a need to divide your debt correctly depending on how you acquired it.

The bottom line is this: you should hire a TGBLawyers family lawyer Perth to win your case and secure all your rights as a spouse seeking a divorce. Therefore, it’s essential to consider hiring an expert when you’re filing for divorce proceedings in Perth.