Covering Antarctica To Space Telemedicine Tests The Limit

Covering Antarctica to space telemedicine tests the limit. ESA is functioning with Argentina to examine telemedicine gadget Tempus Pro is difficult states in Antarctica as Europe readies for its successive phase of human research in space.

The advances of these gadgets were braced by ESA and it contemplated they could be utilized by astronauts and medical contingents in the course of future exploration missions. The examination and corroboration of Tempus Pro in Argentinian Antarctic bases impresses a contemporary era of collaboration between ESA and Argentina. A country that is by far the prolonged partner of ESA in Latin America.

ESA telemedicine monitors have been positioned for taxing at two of Argentina’s Antarctic bases Belgrano II and Carlini.

Belgrano II is situated less than 1300 km from the South Pole with the temperature that can plummet as -35 degrees Celsius over summer. Secluded and structured on rocky outcrops it is being observed as an adequate analog for missions to the Moon and Mars.

Carlini is situated at South Coast Potter Cave on King George Island. Being slightly remote than Belgrano II it will permit teams to juxtapose two varying but paramount environments.